TUES SEPT 21 | Social Sailing | Poss Lough Gill

10 eur
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Tue Sep 21, 6:00 - 9:00 PM (IST)
County Sligo TBC -, Sligo, Ireland  

4 Months Sailing for €200 + €10 per evening!!

What is it?

Social Sailing for the craic!
2 evenings a week + once-a-month cruising day to Aughris, Inismuray, Dernish Island or Mullaghmore.

Who can take part?

Anyone who has done a formal course can come. If you have done some sailing, come on down…the price is right!!
You can also sign up for our 2 Day Sailing Skills course & then **get Social!

When is it?

Thurs & Fri weekly (1800 - 2100) + 1 Saturday a month (0900 - 1800)

How much is it?

€200 for 4 months sailing // €10 per evening // €30 per cruising day

Where is it?

Rosses Point // Aghamore, Lough Gill // Mullaghmore (venue weather dependent)

Improve your sailing skills on J24 yachts & Laser 16 cruising dinghies

Sail 2 evenings a week plus 1 cruise a month….Meet other sailors & practice your skills sailing to Aughris, Inismurray, Dernish Island, St. Johns Point or Bundoran.

Skills You’ll learn
Helming techniques
Rigging the boat
Sail setting and trimming
Spinnaker Management
Wind Awareness and Points-of-Sail

Sailing from WWS Lake Base // Rosses Point // Mullaghmore

WWS Covid 19 Advisory

Terms & Conditions

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County Sligo TBC -, Sligo, Ireland